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Democracy Partners Adds Two New Divisions, Announces Lupe Lopez as Partner

Institute and Impact Philanthropy Division Led by Renowned Strategists Complement  Firm’s Comprehensive Electoral and Issue Campaign Offerings


Washington, D.C. (February 24, 2016) – Responding to an evolving campaign landscape and to address client’s unique needs and goals, Democracy Partners, the firm formed by some of the nation’s most experienced political strategists, communicators and organizers, today announced the initiation of two new divisions—the Impact Philanthropy and Donor Advising Division and the Democracy Partners Institute.

“These exciting new divisions build on our fundamental skills at developing strong coalitions, compelling messages, innovative campaigns—and the teams that run them. From the experience of our 20 partners across the country whose work spans virtually every sector and skill—we know that groups need an entity that goes beyond training. This expansion opens new territory for our clients as they look to advance their skills and capabilities via the Institute, or to engage donors and foundations in strategic philanthropy,” said Bob Creamer, president of Democracy Partners.

Ken Grossinger, who will lead the Impact Philanthropy and Donor Advising Division said, “Funders are focusing more and more on impact. Whether you are an institutional investor or part of the growing group of individual funders, whose charitable giving now comprises more than 72 percent of the philanthropic pie, or if you give away large sums of hard dollar donations, one direction is clear—investment should lead to impact – and this division will help clients achieve their strategic goals.”

Cognizant of the growing role that arts and culture, including film, are playing in the social justice arena, the impact philanthropy division is developing model programs to guide investments in this area. As a pioneer in the art and social change space, Grossinger brings a particularly informed approach to such projects.

The training and organizational development-focused Democracy Partners Institute, led by Lupe Lopez and nationally known campaign consultant, Joel Silberman, brings together some of America’s most experienced and effective consultants—representing the full range of strategic, organization and media skills to offer comprehensive political and issue training, leadership development, and develop programs tailored to navigate today’s non-stop environment.

The Institute team includes Heather Booth, founder of the Midwest Academy and former training director of the DNC; Christine Pelosi, author of Campaign Boot Camp; social media and digital guru Marc Cerabona; organizational strategist Ken Grossinger; media and organizational strategist Marilyn Katz; former Midwest Academy Director, Jackie Kendall; and labor, community and organizing specialist Josie Mooney.

“After decades working with candidates, campaigns, cultural institutions and foundations, I’m delighted to be part of an entity that understands that by integrating skills with strategy and measurement, we can more fully empower organizations and ensure their effectiveness,” explains Joel Silberman.

New partner Lupe Lopez is a nationally recognized expert in facilitating organizational transformations, leading and managing issue campaigns at the local, state, and national level. “With Lupe’s broad expertise as a bilingual writer, political strategist, coach, trainer, and facilitator, she will develop strategic approaches and management tools to help clients and causes become effective agents of social change,” said Creamer.

“Neither political nor cultural change happens via a single charismatic leader or organization. Instead, it comes from leveraging networks, institutions, interest groups, grassroots outreach, and a coherent message. It requires strategy, alliance-building and steady pressure. I am thrilled to work with this amazing team,” said Lopez, who also leads the Alliance for Citizenship. 

About Democracy Partners

With offices in Washington, D.C., Florida, Illinois, California, Maine and Oregon, Democracy Partners is a full-service consulting firm. The team includes some of the most seasoned, creative and effective political professionals in America. Having led some of the highest profile fights in recent memory, including supporting passage of the Iran nuclear agreement, immigration reform advocacy and marriage equality, we focus our energy on issue campaigns, civic engagement programs, and campaigns to elect Democrats to public office.

Partners include Heather Booth, Marc Cerabona, Robert Creamer, Mac D'Alessandro, Brett C. Di Resta, Ken Grossinger, David Grossman, John Hennelly, Marilyn Katz, Jackie Kendall, Lupe Lopez, Mike Lux, Josie Mooney, Christine Pelosi, Khalid Pitts, Joe Sandler, Linda Saucedo, Renee Schaeffer, Joel Silberman, and Cheri Whiteman.


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