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Brett Di Resta - New York Times OpEd: A User’s Guide to the Dark Art of Politics

Opposition research is one of the least understood disciplines in politics. In my experience, it’s not Dumpster diving, paparazzi-style lurking or attending clandestine meetings in empty parking garages in a feverish quest for dirt. Rather, it’s the search for facts.

It’s the job of a researcher to protect the truth from being a casualty, even in the season of Donald J. Trump. Information is crucial in a three-step process of collection, analysis and dissemination. Each campaign, Democratic or Republican, has gone through this process or is late in doing it now. Those that lag or wait too long get clobbered and play catch-up — something Ben Carson now knows all too well.

The first step: collection. This work happens in front of computers and at county clerk offices. By gathering data, from votes to videos, researchers provide the factual foundation for campaigns.

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