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Democracy Partners’ Inaugural Salon


While we are still rejoicing over the hard-earned victories that have given Democrats control of two branches of the national government, we are keenly aware that this is no time to rest. Over the past few weeks we have heard varied voices about the path forward  – but there are few places where those voices intersect and engage differing points of view. 

In this new era, Democracy Partners will foster such dialogue in a variety of ways.  Beginning this month, we will host regular salons featuring our partners, associates, clients, and special guests, and publish a newsletter and blog where partners will discuss relevant issues and strategies for passing a progressive legislative agenda. We hope to convene spaces where progressive voices can meet to forge a common plan of action – or at least an understanding and mutual respect.

With more than 20 partner firms spanning the country, we bring to the table our own diverse voices, in age, experience, gender, race, and sexuality. Many partners speak from decades of experience in electoral campaigns and grassroots issue advocacy, while others bring perspective from recent youth-led movements. We are emblematic of a much broader progressive movement whose views are critically important to our collective future.

Ergo, this invitation to Democracy Partners’ inaugural salon: “We Won: Now We Must Deliver, How Do We Forge and Advance a Progressive Agenda?”
Please RSVP here.

Here are some papers written by our panelist partners that will serve as the jumping-off point for what we promise will be a robust and lively conversation.

We hope you will read them, join us, and engage in the long fight ahead... 

Democracy Partners

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