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Democracy Partners Announces Wyatt Closs as Partner

Brings Creative Experience to the Intersection of Arts, Culture, and Political and Issue Campaigns

Washington, D.C. (May 2, 2016) – Democracy Partners, the firm formed by some of the nation’s most experienced political strategists, communicators and organizers, today announced the addition of Wyatt Closs, principal of Big Bowl of Ideas, as partner in the firm. 

Continuing to address an evolving campaign landscape and more effectively break through the clutter, Wyatt will bring his deep institutional experience and creativity to work on behalf of clients’ goals as he has done for major political and issue campaigns, international events and branding initiatives.

“Wyatt brings a unique blend of creative experiences that are shown through the lens of politics, and a fresh eye to progressive issues campaigns trading on the use of design, art, film, music, and other aspects of pop culture and entertainment to do so,” said Mike Lux, co-founder of Democracy Partners. “The fact that he's been in the trenches as a political campaign manager in more than 20 races, and a senior coalition strategist and social justice advocate for the Service Employees International Union keeps the creativity grounded in solutions.”

“There is a real challenge out there in terms of fully utilizing all that the arts and what I like to call 'popular media organizing,' can offer to advance key issues of the day—it’s not an afterthought or about 'prettying up' your message—it’s about a vibrancy and amplification of what you or your organization should be talking about in a way an editorial column never will. It’s your translator to the masses, and changes the very environment and arena in which organizing happens,” said Closs. “While creativity can be something done in isolation, it only takes root and becomes more than an exercise when thrown into a room with smart people, provocative ideas, and new challenges. I look forward to the contributions me and my team at Big Bowl of Ideas can make that will complement this dynamic group.”

About Democracy Partners

With offices in Washington, D.C., Florida, Illinois, California, Maine, and Oregon, Democracy Partners is a full-service consulting firm. The team includes some of the most seasoned, creative and effective political professionals in America. Having led some of the highest profile fights in recent memory, including supporting passage of the Iran nuclear agreement, immigration reform advocacy and marriage equality, we focus our energy on issue campaigns, civic engagement programs, and campaigns to elect Democrats to public office.

Partners include Heather Booth, Marc Cerabona, Robert Creamer, Mac D'Alessandro, Brett C. Di Resta, Ken Grossinger, David Grossman, John Hennelly, Marilyn Katz, Jackie Kendall, Lupe Lopez, Mike Lux, Josie Mooney, Christine Pelosi, Khalid Pitts, Joe Sandler, Linda Saucedo, Renee Schaeffer, Joel Silberman, and Cheri Whiteman.



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