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Koch-Tied Group Asks High Court for Radical New Limits on Worker's Rights to Negotiate for Higher Wages

Today, Monday, January 11, will have a big impact on the American Middle Class and all of those who aspire to it.

Today, the United States Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the case of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association.

This case has been brought to the Court by the Koch-sponsored "Center for Individual Rights (CIR) " -- an outfit that made its reputation challenging civil rights laws. The CIR is asking the Court to break with forty years of precedent to impose radical new limits on the rights of workers to negotiate together for higher wages and better working conditions.

Four decades ago, the Supreme Court ruled -- unanimously -- that since public sector unions must represent all of the employees in a bargaining unit, labor agreements can require all employees that benefit from that representation to pay a fair share contribution to support the costs of negotiating and servicing the labor agreement.

This does not mean that all employees are required to join a union and contribute to its lobbying and political work -- or to anything else it might do that is not directly related to negotiating and enforcing the terms of a contract.

Read the full piece here:

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