What People are Saying About Us


Heather Booth

“As NAACP National Voter Fund Director in 2000, Heather registered thousands of new black voters and brought them to the polls.  No one I know in the universe of organizers could have done this as well or better.” 
– Julian Bond, Chairman, NAACP 


Marc Cerabona

“Marc’s ability to execute a sophisticated, multi-platform online campaign allowed us to reach voters we never would have reached through traditional media."

–Matt McTighe, Campaign Manager, Mainers United for Marriage


Robert Creamer

“Robert Creamer and the team at Democracy Partners made a critical contribution to the President’s victory in 2012.”

–Jim Messina, Obama 2012 Campaign Manager


Mac D’Alessandro

“Mac is an expert in both designing and executing high-intensity field programs. If a campaign needs a truly professional field program that is cost-effective, accountable, and contributes to winning, you want Mac on your team!"

–Thomas Menino, Former Mayor Boston


Brett D’Resta

When you hire Brett DiResta you not only get a first class researcher, but you get a seasoned political pro with an unparalleled strategic sense of what will and will not work in your campaign.”

–Jim Duffy, Putnam Partners


Ken Grossinger

“Ken is among the best strategists I know.”

–John Sweeney
  President Emeritus, AFL-CIO


David Grossman

"David Grossman is the ideal combination of quick, professional, and politically-savvy.”

Lynda Tran, 270 Strategies 


John Hennelly

“John helped make SEIU a political powerhouse in '06 & '08. If you have a big campaign, and absolutely must win, he's your guy.”

-Anna Burger, Former Secretary Treasurer, SEIU


Jackie Kendall

“Jackie is the master of strategic thinking and when I face a challenge that seems insurmountable, she's the person I call.”

–Wenonah Hauter,  Executive Director, Food and Water Watch


Mike Lux

“The go-to person in Washington has always been Mike...If Mike had half the money that right-wingers had, there wouldn’t be a Republican left in Washington.”

–James Carville


Josie Mooney

“Josie Mooney has shown a sophisticated and proven  ability to create and implement successful  strategies from Shanghai to San Francisco.” 

–Andy Stern, Former President SEIU, Columbia University


Braidy O’Neal

“Braidy O'Neal and the Democracy Partners team made the difference for the Dream Act Referendum in Maryland. Their strategies will be a staple in all of my future campaigns.”   

–Travis Tazelaar, Campaign Manager, Maryland Dream Act


Linda Saucedo

“Linda and Democracy Partners are always available, thorough — and make sure we never drop the ball, even during the most hectic days of a campaign.”

–Kate Snyder, Consultant formerly Coordinated Campaigns for

  Communication Workers of America


Renee Schaeffer

“Renee has made a strong impact. Her creativity and know how make her an important addition to our campaign operation.”

–Congressman Brian Higgins (D-NY)


The Late Joel Silberman – a founding partner.

“I’ve worked with Joel Silberman a number of times over a number of years. He is as effective, efficient, media-savvy and tech-savvy as anyone I know.”

–Norman Lear


Cheri Whiteman

“Cheri Whiteman and the team at Democracy Partners delivered for us big time recruiting and interviewing directors and managers.

And her experience running field operations and campaigns really contributed to our successful voter registration and GOTV programs in 2012.” 

–Marvin Randolph, Former Senior VP for Campaigns, NAACP

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