Ken Grossinger

Ken Grossinger, director of the Impact Philanthropy and Donor Advising Division, has been a leading strategist in movements for social and economic justice for thirty-five years, in unions, philanthropic and community organizations.

For two decades, Ken was one of the labor movement's leading strategists. He represented workers in the Service Employees International Union and then directed legislative field operations for the AFL-CIO, running large-scale issue campaigns including against the privatization of Social Security and for health care reform, economic and civil rights. Grossinger is widely regarded as an expert in pioneering national field strategies for labor and community organizations and is well known for building long-enduring alliances between the two.

Ken is one of the smartest strategists I know.
        AFL-CIO President Emeritus John J. Sweeney

Formerly a community organizer, Grossinger co-launched the Human SERVE Fund, a national advocate organization that initiated and led the successful decade-long fight for passage of the National Voter Registration Act, commonly known as Motor Voter.

Grossinger is active on several boards including the University of the District of Columbia (Trustee), Hirshhorn Museum (Trustee), People’s Action Institute (Director), Skylight Pictures (Director), and the CrossCurrents Foundation, (Chair).

Among other cultural projects, he co-executive produced the award-winning Netflix documentaries Social Dilemma and Bleeding Edge and served as Executive Producer of Boycott and the forthcoming film Borderland.

Ken is the author of ART WORKS: How Organizers and Artists are Creating a Better World Together, published by the New Press in July 2023. He lives part-time in Washington, DC., and Telluride, Colorado.

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