Robin Leeds

CEO, Winning Strategies LLC
[email protected]

Robin Leeds is the founder and managing director of Winning Strategies LLC, a public affairs and political consulting firm based in Washington, DC. Winning Strategies provides a wide range of services including multi-cultural and crisis communications, public policy advocacy, stakeholder engagement, coalition building, campaigns and elections, and corporate social responsibility.

Winning Strategies offers clients a depth and breadth of experience cultivated over more than four decades working at the intersection of politics, policy and communications. From the campaign trail to the boardroom, Leeds has built solid relationships with leaders and change-makers across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Her extensive network and political know-how make her the ideal advisor for organizations and individuals looking to forge diverse partnerships and strengthen their reputations among key stakeholders.

Leeds has devoted her career to expanding access to economic, civil, and social opportunities for all Americans and is a powerful voice for women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and other underrepresented groups. While serving at the Clinton White House Office on Women’s Initiatives and Outreach, Leeds coordinated domestic public policy and constituency engagement efforts and led numerous domestic and international women’s initiatives on behalf of the President and First Lady.

As a Clinton appointee, Leeds shaped public policy on fair pay, Title IX, affirmative action, voter protection, reproductive rights, health, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. She coordinated efforts to raise the national childhood immunization rate to 90% for the President’s Child Immunization Initiative at the Department of Health and Human Services; to implement the National Voter Registration (Motor Voter) Act in the WIC, Food Stamps and AFDC programs at the Department of Agriculture; and to build the public-private partnership that significantly increased youth training and employment for the President’s Youth Opportunity Movement at the Department of Labor.

Leeds has a proven track record in the private sector and successfully guided numerous companies through public crises. Under her stewardship, major corporations have instituted socially responsible policies and programs creating diverse, inclusive and fair workplaces. She advised a multi-million dollar retail company to repair its reputation with the LGBTQ community, and due to these efforts, the Human Rights Campaign awarded the company a perfect score in the 2015 Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. She also advised a major pharmaceutical company to develop an advocacy and stakeholder engagement strategy successfully shifting public sentiment around a controversial women’s reproductive medical device.

As a Clinton presidential appointee, Leeds coordinated the implementation of the National Voter Registration (Motor Voter) Act in WIC, Food Stamps, and AFDC programs at the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services. In presidential election cycles since 1992, she has worked with the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights' National Election Protection Program to conduct trainings and manage election day command centers. Leeds served on the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform, and provides ongoing strategic counsel to advocates on federal and state election reform initiatives and the women’s vote. And, she was on the production team for "Electoral Dysfunction", a feature length documentary starring Mo Rocca that exposes systemic barriers to voter participation.

Leeds currently serves as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and as a Board Director for the National Council of Jewish Women and Breast Care for Washington. Leeds served as a Member of the Harvard Women’s Leadership Board, Fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Center for Public Leadership, Advisor to the Senior Director of Harvard University Women’s Initiatives, Scholar-in-Residence at the Women in Politics Institute at American University, and Academic Advisor to the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform.

While Leeds has consistently championed progressive causes, her ability to forge connections and achieve results transcends party lines. During her tenure in the Clinton administration, Leeds successfully reached across the aisle building successful broad support for challenging issues. Her knack for coalition building, combined with a deep understanding of public policy and key influencers, gives Robin - and her clients – an edge over the competition.

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